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Love and associates are experts in Tax Resolution Services - Bookkeeping Services to Personal Financial PlanningLove and associates are experts in Tax Resolution Services - Bookkeeping Services to Personal Financial Planning





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Tax Preparation

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your taxes have been done correctly, by letting our team of expert tax professionals handle them for you. We offer personalized service, and we can answer any questions you might have, before, during and after we do your taxes. If you have lost W-2s, Mortgage Interest Statements and other important tax forms, we will assist you in getting replacement copies with information returns that are filed with the IRS. We are able to service all of your Federal Tax returns as well as all 50 States.


It is important for clients to know that sending off a tax return does not always mean that you will never hear back from the IRS. Sometimes the IRS will need additional information to process your return or will request additional documents for verification. We advise our clients to immediately get to us any and all Federal and State tax notices they receive so that we may assist them in the proper treatment and response.


If you are a prospective client interested in discussing our tax preparation services, you may contact our office for an initial complimentary consultation. If you have already had your tax return prepared, but you are interested in a second opinion and review, then call our office and set an appointment and our Senior Tax Analyst, Daniel Love, will review your prior 3 filed tax returns at no charge. If errors or omissions are discovered on the tax return, then a game plan and fee proposal will be made available for your review prior to moving forward with the amended tax return preparation.


Our range of tax preparation services includes:

Personal Tax Preparation


Form 1040 Series – This is the form series in which all individuals file their Federal Income Tax Returns. 


Partnership Tax Preparation


Form 1065 – All partnerships and multi-member LLC’s are required to file their income tax reporting on this form. 


Corporate Tax Preparation


Form 1120 – This form is used for “C” corporations. Or rather corporations that have not elected to be treated as a sub-chapters “S” corporation. 


Form 1120-S – This is for corporations who have elected to file as a sub-chapter “S”, through IRS Form 2553, to file their income tax return. 


Form K-1 – This is the information reporting form that informs the shareholder and the IRS of the taxable profits and or loss from the corporation that will flow through to the individual 1040 return.


Non-profit Tax Preparation


Form 990ez – This is the simple form many non-profits can use if they have gross receipts of less than $250,000 AND total assets of less than $500,000 as year’s end. Some exceptions to this rule apply to all organizations regardless of their income and asset level. 


Form 990 – This is the default tax return form that all IRS designated non-profits must follow. 


Amended Tax Return Filings


Form 1040x – The 1040x, accompanied with an updated 1040, is the returns used to fix errors and/or omissions reported and claimed on a previously filed income tax return. A tax return can be amended numerous times as long as it is always to correct a previously filed error or to add a previously omitted substantive piece of information. 


Information Reporting Returns


1099-Miscellaneous – This is an information reporting form that address items such as; Rents Paid, Royalties, Other Income and Non-Employee compensation. These returns must be provided to the recipients by Jan 31st after the close of the calendar year and then must be filed with the IRS no later than February 28th, or March 31st if you are electronically filing it. 


1099-Cancellation of Debt – This form is used by lenders to notify the recipient the amount of debt that has been forgiven or charged-off from the lender’s balance sheet.


1099-Interest Income – Interest income earned on investments and other interest bearing accounts is reported here. Most taxpayers depend on this form to properly account for the reporting of their taxable interest income. 


Payroll Filing and Payroll Amended Returns


Form 940 –    This is the reporting and filing on an Employer’s Federal Unemployment tax return. 


Form 941 –   This is the Employer’s Quarterly return for reporting wages, federal income tax withholding, Social Security, Medicare, tax tips and additional Medicare withholding and other payroll and employee related pay items. 


Fiduciary and Trust Returns


Form 706 –   This is used for estate tax return filing as well as the reporting of Generation-Skipping Transfer. It can also be used to report lifetime gift exclusion amounts given within a tax year. 


Form 1041 –   This a fiduciary tax return for estates and trusts to report taxable income items to be taxed at the estate and trust level as well as items to be passed and taxed at the beneficiary level. 


All State Tax Preparation


Our firm is experienced in complicated multi-state tax return filings and can work with clients no matter what state they live in or move to.


Local and City Tax Preparation


We can assist in the filing of local business tax returns and other necessary local and city taxes that effect the client in their locale.