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Love and associates are experts in Tax Resolution Services - Bookkeeping Services to Personal Financial PlanningLove and associates are experts in Tax Resolution Services - Bookkeeping Services to Personal Financial Planning





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Bookeeping Services

We offer bookkeeping services to clients from many different industries including, but not limited to, retailers, auto repair service shops, restaurants and bistros, construction companies, Realtors, churches and other non-profit organizations. Our in-depth knowledge and experience means we can offer high-quality and efficient service that is customized to your business. We understand that different industries share different characteristics. Our professionals will help you to organize your bookkeeping system based on your needs.


Record Reconstruction


There are many times we meet clients that have many years of non-filed tax returns. What can make things even worse is when the client did not maintain adequate bookkeeping and accounting so that we may then prepare and clean-up the past taxes. Our office works hand in hand with clients to help retrieve all of those documents, bank statements and receipts in order to reconstruct a tax-year so that clean, accurate tax returns can be filed.


Reconstructing records may also be necessary after a disaster in order to get federal assistance or insurance reimbursement. When the records that you need to prove your loss may have been damaged or destroyed in a casualty, we are here to help! Our professionals will go back to your prior years’ financial data to organize, analyze and to capture the financial information and generate clean organized reports to be used for insurance companies or even the preparation or the amendment of tax returns.


Installation and setup of QuickBooks® accounting software


QuickBooks is the ideal accounting software program for most small businesses. We will help to identify which edition of QuickBooks suits your business and determine the subscription level that you will need to properly administer the program. Initial set-up is no easy task, we offer expert assistance with QuickBooks and will review your current set up to make sure all the information is properly recorded. Our professionals are also available for one-on-one tutorials for those business owners who want to maintain a key role in the accounting of their business.


Service and Support for Windows Based QuickBooks software


We provide the following services to assist you:


-Data Entry


-Accounts Payable and Receivable Management


-Fixed Asset Management


-Invoicing / Billing


-Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation


-Sales Taxes and Special Tax Return Filing


-Payroll Tax Filing


-Year-end Accounting Record Reviews and Adjustment


-Customized Financial Statements and Reports


A la carte service bookkeeping support


We tailor our services to fit exactly what you and your business needs. Our bookkeeping services will provide you with the necessary tools and we offer monthly, quarterly or even annual bookkeeping reviews. This will help you to reduce stress at tax time by keeping accurate records and organizing all of your data so that we can complete tax documents with ease and accuracy.


Full service accounting and support for your business


For most small businesses, bookkeeping is not only a way to understand how well the business is running, but it is also very necessary for tax purposes. The way that our bookkeeping department works closely with our tax department means that we fully understand your business and can help you better prepare for a commercial or credit loan, cash-flow management and even tax preparation.


Treasury Management Service for nonprofits


We offer treasury management for local nonprofits, which covers bookkeeping service from accounts payable and receivables, data entry and bank reconciliation, year-end accounting record reviews and adjustments as well as integration with tax software for tax preparation.


Our Non-Profit Involvement


Project LOL – Project LOL (LoveOutLoud) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization driving creative programs and partnerships that generate an empowering, fun and stimulating context for young people to move beyond their circumstances and create powerful, fulfilling futures. Love and Associates and it’s staff currently hold board and director roles as well as manage the accounting for the organization. Our associates also frequently volunteer and provide outreach support to other members of the organization.


San Diego Enforcers – The San Diego Enforcers are a 501(c) (3) charitable organization made up of law-enforcement and hard-working volunteers. They play football to raise money for local charities. They are currently partnered and giving to the United Cerebral Palsy foundation of San Diego.